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How Safe Are Your Keys When You List Your Home With a Realtor

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 at 10:28am.

It is time to sell your home and you have listed your home with a Realtor.  Your Realtor will place your home's keys into an electronic lockbox on or near your front door.  The lockbox is typically secured to an object such as the doorknob or railing to prevent it from being removed.  Realtors who schedule appointments to show your home to prospective customers use their electronic access code to open the lockbox for showings.  Once opened, the electronic lockbox sends the opening Realtor's contact information and creates a permanent record of the showing for accountability.

Ever wonder just how safe your keys are once placed in the lockbox?

What if a vandal decided to break into the lockbox and use the key to get into your home?

Well, Gulf Shores Realty decided to put the boxes to the test.  We beat a lockbox with a 5 pound sledge hammer repeatedly. We ran it over with a truck.  We finally had to resort to trained firefighters using hydraulic cutting tools and the jaws of life to access the box.

You can sleep well knowing that your home's keys are SAFE AND SECURE inside a Realtor's lockbox when you list your home.

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