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What Makes Venice, FL Such a Great Place to Live?

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Friday, April 10th, 2020 at 7:00am.

What makes Venice, Fl such a great place to live

Venice, Florida has seen a steady growth in population over the past few years.

Homebuyers of all kinds have been moving from across the nation to Venice just so they can get a piece of everything this amazing city has to offer.

But what is it that attracts so many people here? What makes Venice such a great place to live?

White Sand Beaches

One of the city’s prized possessions is its white sand beaches. These gorgeous beaches span for miles along the shoreline, attracting tourists from across the globe.

When you live in Venice, all of this is right at your fingertips.

Venetians have unparalleled access to all the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico. And there are so many ways to enjoy it.

Venice Beach—one of Venice’s most popular spots—is where you can go to suntan, beachcomb, and swim during the summer months. The beach also has volleyball courts and picnic pavilions, so you can make a day out of your beach trip!

Venice Beach is also a popular spot for scuba diving. There’s a pre-historic fossil bed located within swimming distance off the shoreline where divers can hunt for megalodon sharks teeth, whale vertebrae, and other assorted fossils.

Nokomis Public Beach is another great spot for those who love to spend time by the water. This is one of Sarasota County’s oldest beaches and is possibly one of its most popular.

Even sea turtles love our beaches as they arrive annually to lay their eggs.  Weeks later, dozens of hatchlings can be seen dashing for the safety of the water.

It’s known for its 14-miles of white sandy coastline and it’s stunning blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. When you look out into the water, you can sometimes spot dolphins swimming off the coast.

Having direct access to Venice beaches is just one of the reasons why this city is such a great place to live.

Tropical Weather

In terms of weather, Venice, FL scores full marks.

Southwest Florida is known for its tropical climate that boasts good weather all year round. In Venice, the spring and summer months are usually around 70-85 degrees, with its hottest month being August.

Although the summer is the rainiest time of the year, the city only gets an average of 54 inches of rain per year—which isn’t really that much. There are 252 other days of the year where you can enjoy full sunshine.

The winter months are of course cooler than the summer months, though the temperature remains quite warm.

The cooler weather makes the winter the perfect time of year to enjoy other outdoor activities, like hiking and golfing.

When you live in Venice, everyday feels like you’re on a tropical vacation thanks to the beautiful weather.

Top Rated Golf Courses

When you live in Venice, one this is for sure—you will always have a place to go for tee time.

The city is filled with top-rated golf courses that have been designed by some of the most prolific golf course designers in the world.

Some of the most popular courses in Venice include:

  • Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club
  • Jacaranda West Country Club
  • The Venice Golf and Country Club
  • Lake Venice Golf Club
  • Sarasota National Golf Club

Not only do these places offer fantastic courses, they have beautiful fairways as well. While you tee up, you can enjoy the palm lined fairways and gorgeous natural landscapes.

But the fun doesn’t end when the game is up. Many of these country clubs offer other amazing facilities, like swimming pools, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and fitness centers. You can also fine dine at their top-quality restaurants.

Living in Venice means that you have all of these amazing golf courses in your own backyard. And who wouldn’t love that!

Thriving Real Estate Market

What attracts so many homebuyers to Venice, FL is it’s phenomenal real estate market.

The median home price in Venice is around $267,000, which is quite reasonable when compared to other Florida cities, like Orlando and Miami. It means that homeownership can be more than just a dream—it can be a reality.

And possibly one of the best parts about Venice real estate is that there are nearly unlimited options!

You can find anything from waterfront estates, to modest bungalows, to new-builds. No matter what you’re on the market for, there is something out there for you.

In recent years, many master-planned communities have been popping up in and around town. These are fantastic neighborhoods, not only because of the beautiful homes, but because of the array of amenities.

Communities like those in West Villages boast unbeatable features, such as swimming pools, club houses, tennis courts, and more!

With so many master-planned communities around Venice, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your lifestyle. To view more communities, visit our neighborhood pages!

With all of these amazing features and amenities, it’s easy to see what makes Venice, Fl such a great place to live. If you’re interested in buying a home in this spectacular city, contact Gulf Shore Realty online today or call 941.488.6644 ! They’re your local experts for all things real estate!

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