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How Popular are Swimming Pools in Florida Homes

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 at 2:16pm.


A home with a swimming pool is the Florida Dream.  Conversations of Florida conjure up visions of palm trees, oranges, beaches and back yard swimming pools.  There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than to take a dip in your own swimming pool.

Images of Sports Illustrated bathing suit models floating on rafts while sipping tropical drinks give way to the reality of overweight retirees in flowered swimming trunks flipping burgers and wiping the sweat from their brow.  The sparkling water, chirping birds, swaying palm trees and warm sunshine make for a scene from a Hollywood movie.

Swimming pools rarely recover their full cost of construction when the home is resold, but they certainly help speed the sale of the home.  It seems like the most popular request home buyers make is a swimming pool in the back yard.

In the last year, 40 percent of all single family homes sold in Sarasota County had private swimming pools.  Although most pool homes were constructed with swimming pools, some homeowners have added pools after the fact.  Typically, most pools have aluminum screen enclosures surrounding them which provide both protection from insects and blowing leaves.  An additional benefit is that they offer an additional barrier to prevent unauthorized access to the pool by small children.

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Swimming pool

Most Florida pools are in-ground and are constructed of either a fiberglass shell or are concrete (gunite).  Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand and water which is sprayed through a pressurized hose to produce a hard cement layer.  Once formed, a finished coat is applied which provides both waterproofing and a beautiful finished look.

Florida’s warm subtropical climate lends itself to swimming year round which adds to the desirability of a swimming pool.  On the date of this publication, there were only 150 single family homes in Venice, Florida with swimming pools for sale and 678 in Sarasota which has a much larger population.  Swimming pools add to the appeal of a home but also increase the competition to purchase the home.  After all, you are not the only one that suffered through a cold winter.

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