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Realty Referrals

Referrals From Realtors

If your client is considering Buying or Selling in Venice or the surrounding areas, please contact us at . We gladly accept referrals from other agents worldwide and pay a 25% referral fee with a signed referral agreement. Referrals take only a minute of your time and in return you will receive the assurance that our agreement will be honored by an honest, ethical and professional Realtor® that will ensure you get paid.


Always Working for You!

Why refer your clients to Gulf Shores Realty?

1. Our ethics are without question. We care about the needs of our clients and go above and beyond to handle their individual real estate needs in an honest and ethical manner.

2. We get the job done and complete the transaction. Our numbers speak for themselves. Our caring and compassionate approach to our clients is well received and they quickly realize that we have their best interest at heart. This results in successful sales which means you get paid.

3. Our professional business methods yield results. We bring to the table a diverse knowledge of computer, photography, marketing and accounting skills all which are essential skills of today’s successful Realtors®.

4. Our marketing is second to none. The very fact that you are visiting this website validates this point.

We understand that the service your client receives is a direct reflection on the agent making the referral. Allow us the opportunity to make you look good by calling our Referral Hotline at 941-488-6644 or simply send us a Referral Agreement.