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Purchasing a home is a commitment of your time, financial resources, and emotions. Gulf Shores Realty is equally committed to ensuring that you have a positive experience, guided by a knowledgeable Realtor® with local expertise, that will personally invest their heart and efforts into ensuring a successful outcome. You make the decisions…we do the rest.

Buyer Representation in Florida

Gulf Shores Realty is pleased to offer our services as a Buyer’s Agent (Single Agent) dedicated to ensuring your best interest. You would not want the coach of your favorite NFL team to represent both teams equally. You would not want your attorney to represent both opposing sides in court. You should not want your Realtor® to work for both sides. Choosing a Buyer’s Agent can save you money. The State of Florida allows buyers to be represented in one of three ways. Florida law assumes a Broker to be a Transaction Broker if not specifically stated otherwise. The vast majority of real estate transactions in Florida are handled as Transaction Brokers. This means they are neutral parties and represent the transaction and not you. Allow our skilled Realtors® to look out for your best interest.

Transaction Broker:

  • Most Common
  • Least Benefit to the Buyer
  • Least Liability to the Realtor
  • No required form

Single Agent (aka Buyer’s Agent):

  • Must sign Single Agent Disclosure form
  • Most Benefit to Buyer
  • Most Liability to Realtor
  • Florida Statutes Section 475.278(3)-(1)(b) states “The disclosure must be made before, or at the time of, entering into a listing agreement or an agreement for representation or before the showing of property, whichever occurs first.”

Non-Representation (Not Suggested)

  • Must sign non-representation form
  • You are not represented by a Realtor

More Information

If you are interested in buying a home, please contact us to get in touch with an agent.