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Why You Should Never Buy in a New Construction Community Without a REALTOR®

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Friday, May 1st, 2020 at 6:25am.

Do you need a REALTOR® before going into a new home community?

The short answer is yes.

The simple fact of the matter is that the builder’s sales staff will never have your best interests at heart. They are employed by the builder of the community after all - not you.

Plus, once you’ve registered in a community, you’ve passed the point of no return. You will not be able to involve your own REALTOR® in the process - your agent must accompany you on that first visit!

And why wouldn’t you involve your own, impartial real estate agent?

As a buyer, the services of a REALTOR® are often free and the direction, advice and support will be invaluable throughout the process.

What are the Benefits of using My Own Real Estate Agent?

Your real estate agent is there for you.

They will be an invaluable resource throughout the entirety of the home buying process - from completion of construction to closing the final sale.

Know What’s Really Out There

If you’ve decided to purchase a Venice new construction home, you should know how many options you really have. The Venice new homes market in southwest Florida is booming and there are new developments planned and started all the time.

Your real estate agent will have their pulse on the market, and know which developments have homes available now and which are coming. You may have an idea of what you’re looking for, but an agent will be able to open your eyes to what’s really available across the area.

So, put together a wish list - must-haves, wants and needs - and chat with an agent about which new communities check all those boxes.

You may have your heart set on a specific community or area, but a knowledgeable real estate professional can happily open your eyes to other possibilities that you’ve never even considered.

Take Full Advantage of Expert Guidance & Local Experience

Your agent will guide you through the construction process. An experienced REALTOR® has worked through enough new construction projects to know what’s up. They know who the best builders in Venice are and will point you in the right direction.

They'll be able to advise you on the best add-ons for the home during the construction phase and help you make smart decisions to ensure an excellent resale value. An agent will keep our eyes on the builder’s progress too, so even if you’re an out-of-town buyer, you’ll know what’s going on.

When it comes to closing and navigating the confusing world of contracts and hidden fees, nothing will come as a surprise. Nothing is worse than signing a contract without realizing some hidden fees are due to crop up at the worst possible time.

Are New Construction Homes Even Worth it?

It really depends on what your looking for in a new home, but the answer for the vast majority of home buyers is a resounding: yes!

New construction homes bring with them many appealing qualities that just aren’t a possibility with a resale home. Oftentimes, you can jump in early and have a say on what the end product will look like. The layout will usually be set but you’ll be able to choose from a selection of finishes, such as flooring and fixtures.

Plus, you can rest assured that no one else has owned the home.

With a much shorter history, not to mention newer and more energy-efficient building materials, maintenance and utility costs will undoubtedly be lower.

Are you ready to start shopping? Check our New Construction page to see what's available or get in touch with the Gulf Shores Realty team online & by phone at: 941.488.6644.

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