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Venice vs. Sarasota: Cost Comparison [in 2020]

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Monday, June 15th, 2020 at 10:06am.

Venice and Sarasota share a similar southwest Florida climate, but a question that we frequently get is which is more affordable:

Venice or Sarasota?

Although the gap has tightened in recent years, Venice remains the more affordable option - the median price of homes in Sarasota is 12% higher than Venice. The median price of a home in Sarasota is $300,000, while Venice sits around $264,000.

That’s a significant difference, given that Venice is just 20 miles south of Sarasota.

Is Venice or Sarasota Right for Me?

We can't tell which is better - that's a pretty subjective judgement that you'll have to make for yourself. As noted above, both Sarasota and Venice enjoy a similar sunny southwest Florida climate year-round, as well as some of the world's best beaches, challenging golf courses and impressive luxury resorts. That being said, there are some key difference that will almost certainly place one above the other - based on the lifestyle that suits you best.  The good news is we can help you with properties in both Sarasota and Venice by calling our Real Estate Hotline at 941-488-6644.

Aside from an affordable homes market, Venice has quite a bit going for it.

The US Chamber of Commerce placed the city at number two on its list of “best cities to live in Florida - 2019”. Venice has a character and a charm all its own that sets it apart from other nearby communities in Southwest Florida.

In comparison to Sarasota, Venice has a decidedly more subdued lifestyle. Venice is about the half the size of Sarasota with a population of approximately 24,318, a mere 41 percent of  Sarasota’s 59,218 population.

If it’s a big-city lifestyle that you’re searching for, Venice may not be the right fit. It’s definitely got plenty in the way of amenities, but is lacking in that “big city vibe”.

But, that small town atmosphere is something that plenty of home buyers actively look for - and what’s not to like?

Venice’s Small-Town Atmosphere

Among Venice’s most popular features is without a doubt the charming and historic downtown core. The central hub of the community features plenty of boutique shops and restaurants that are great for the whole family.

Venice offers many of the hallmarks of Sarasota without the crowds. We’re talking world-class golf, beautiful beaches and unrestricted access to the sparkling waters of the gulf.

Venice offers an incredible 14-mile stretch of sandy coastline. And just off shore beautiful natural coral reefs just waiting to be explored. The community also home to incredible parks and wilderness preserves, if you're looking for an escape to nature.

And if you ever feel the need to experience the larger city, Sarasota is located just 20 miles north along either Highway 41 or 75.

Are you interested in learning more about beautiful Venice or Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding areas? Don't hesitate to contact Gulf Shores Realty online or call 941.488.6644 today!

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