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Venice New Construction: Here’s What You Need Know

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Friday, May 29th, 2020 at 11:48am.

new construction in venice, fl: what you need to know


You’ve decided to buy a Venice new construction home. For the vast majority of home buyers, this is a great choice. Venice, Florida boasts an incredible number of new construction communities with some pretty amazing, resort-style amenities. You won’t be disappointed.

But, just like any large transaction. You should know what you’re getting into. Just like the purchase of any piece of real estate, there are a number of pitfalls you could easily find yourself in.

So - Venice new construction: here’s what you need to know!

Yes, You Should Get a REALTOR®

While certainly not a requirement, why wouldn’t you?

A builder’s sales office may try to convince you otherwise, but having your own real estate agent will ensure your best interests are always kept at the forefront. Often as soon as you step into a new development, it’s too late. You need to be accompanied by your REALTOR® on the first visit.

Having your own professional at your side brings numerous benefits. A new construction specialist will be able to walk you through each step of the pre-construction and construction process, offering expert advice all along the way.

They’ll also be able to keep your wants in mind beyond the community you’ve become interested in. As we mentioned, Venice is home to numerous new construction projects and a local real estate professional will be able to guide you into another community or let you know if you are getting a good deal or not. There are great home builders working throughout Venice!

Do yourself a favor - don’t go into a new construction community without a REALTOR®.

Explore Venice New Construction Homes & Communities

Why New Construction - the Pros

Enjoy that fresh, new home smell? For many, there really isn’t anything like purchasing something that is fresh and new.

With a new construction home, you’ll have a home that no one else has lived in. You’ll be free to start building new memories for your family on a pristine canvas.

Plus, you’ll likely be able to have a hand in picking some of the final finishes to a somewhat limited degree. We’re talking things like interior paint color and cabinet hardware.

Of course, there are also upgrades. Builders are more than happy to upgrade the base model of your home to include an extra bedroom, luxury finishes or french doors - naturally it’ll cost you.

Last of all, new construction are less likely to hide unexpected expenses right around the corner. As a newer build with new materials, it’s less likely that large maintenance or repair bills creep into your future.

Naturally newer builds are constructed using newer, more energy efficient materials as well.

Why Not New Construction - the Cons

Newness isn’t for everyone. Resales often cost less as well, but home buyers take on the risk of unexpected repairs down the road, no matter how thorough their home inspector is.

There’s also something to be said about a beautiful character home in a more established corner of the city. For some home buyers, the allure of architectural styles of the past is just too strong.

By their very nature, new construction communities are built in less developed areas. This means that if you have your heart set on streets lined with mature trees, new construction may not be for you.

Plus, there’s often ongoing development to deal with even after you’ve moved in. Your new home will likely be part of a community that is well under development, so it may feel like you live in a construction site for a while.

You Should Definitely Still Get A Home Inspection

A home inspection is as much an essential step in new construction as in a resale purchase - even the best home builders aren’t infallible after all.

This is a key part of doing your homework. Long before you get to closing the deal, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

What are there other builds like?
What home warranties are being offered? What do they cover?

These are all things you should be crystal clear on. It’s also recommended that you get your home inspected at least at two key times:

  1. As part of a pre-delivery inspection. This is shortly before you are set to move in.
  2. One month before your warranties are set to expire. This gives the home enough time to go through a full cycle of the seasons, allowing enough time for any serious defects to appear.

A new construction home can a be fantatic option for many home buyers. They make a great investment and Venice has a plethora of options available. Just make sure you do your homework and get the advice of an experienced local real estate specialist while you're at it!

Are you interested in learning more about new construction in beautiful Venice, Florida and the surrounding areas? Don't hesitate to contact Gulf Shores Realty online or call 941.488.6644 today!

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