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Should I Still Have an Open House for my Venice Home?

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Friday, January 10th, 2020 at 8:55am.

Open houses in Venice Florida

There’s a lot of debate over the effectiveness of open houses.

Do they help sell your home faster? For more money?

It’s hard to say exactly.

But there’s one thing we can say for sure—open houses certainly have benefits when selling your home. Especially in Venice.

Currently, Venice real estate has a seller’s market, meaning there’s more competition among home sellers than there has ever been before.

Hosting an open house is a fantastic way to market your home and make it stand out among the competition.

So, to answer the questions of whether or not you should still have an open house for your Venice home—yes, you should definitely host an open house!

Here’s why:

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Attract an Array of Buyers

One of the benefits of hosting an open house is that you attract a wide array of potential buyers that may have never otherwise toured your home.

Even though this unfiltered stream of home buyers going through your home seems like a hit-or-miss tactic, the chance of a hit is worth too much not to give it a shot.

Touring a home gives potential home buyers a better chance to get the feel of the place. The feel of your home can make a positive impression on the home buyers that come through.

It could turn casual buyers into serious ones after seeing something they love.

Another type of home buyer that’s most likely to visit an open house is the first-timer.

Sometimes, first-time home buyers might not know where to start in terms of their home search. This means many of them choose to tour open-houses because they’re far more casual than a scheduled showing.

Convenient for Everyone

Typically, open-houses are hosted on Saturdays and Sundays, while people are off work for the weekend.

And since there’s no day-job to stop them, potential home buyers are more inclined to tour homes.

Another reason why open houses are so convenient is because you don’t need a real estate agent to join you. There’s no scheduling required on the buyers side, which is why they love visiting them.

Open houses are also convenient for sellers.

You can have a bunch of showings all at the same time, meaning it’s less work for you in terms of cleaning and preparation. Instead of preparing for seven or eight separate showings, you only have to do it once.

Allow You to Prepare Your Home

When you’re selling your home, you never know if or when your real estate agent will phone you for a showing.

Sometimes, the phone call could come hours before the showing.

These short-notice calls make it difficult for you to fully prepare your home for a tour. This could mean a dish out of place or dust in the corner.

When you have an open house, it’s scheduled far enough in advance so you can prepare your home to be its best.

You have time to clean it so it’ll impress every single person who walks through it.

Gain Additional Exposure

Selling a home is all about good marketing.

So why wouldn’t you want to have every bit of exposure possible?

Open houses give you additional marketing through street signs, newspaper ads, internet ads, and more!

Just the fact that people are walking through your home generates exposure as people leave and talk about your home with their friends and family. And who knows, maybe one of the people they talk to will be the one who buys your home.

With so many benefits of hosting an open house, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Especially in Venice where the competition is stiff.

Make the most out of your open house with the help of a real estate agent! Gulf Shores Realty is your real estate expert here in Venice, so contact them online for the best services in town.

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