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New Construction - A Fresh Start

Posted by Wayne Welsh on Monday, October 21st, 2019 at 10:26am.

New Construction is like a Fresh Car Wash

In the Real Estate business, it is common to hear customers state they “Want a Fresh Start.” The children have graduated high school and left the nest or they have finally achieved retirement. They are ready to leave the northern frigid winters and long to live in a warmer climate where they can go to the beach or play golf and enjoy life. Moving to Florida and buying a new construction home checks all the right boxes.

Buyer’s love being the first one to walk in the door and smell fresh paint or walk on the new carpeting. They love seeing a bottle of champagne in their shiny new refrigerator and their empty garage. There is no one that doesn’t love the smell of a new car or a brand new house.

We can get a fresh start every day by simple things like washing our car. A shiny clean car is a great way to lift the spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Making your bed starts your day off with organization and a feeling of accomplishment. Even if your day isn’t wonderful, at least you end the day crawling into an enticing bed. These simple tasks don’t really require professional help like buying a new construction home. When buying a new construction home,

it is essential to have the services of a Realtor® from the very beginning of the process. Local Realtors® can help you wade through the myriad of new communities to help you find the one that best fits your lifestyle, budget and tastes. Buyers often simply walk into a new community without a Realtor® and take their chances with the builder’s sales person which can be a costly mistake. That sales person is an employee of the builder and it is their job to be concerned with the builder’s profit. They generally won’t volunteer incentives or let you know that you can get a better deal in a different community. A professional Realtor® will present to you all the choices and educate you on various builder incentives and sales that can save you tens of thousands of dollars. A Realtor® can introduce you to communities that you did not even know existed.

The educated buyer knows that the services of a professional Realtor® when buying a home does not cost them any money. So why not take full advantage of those free services. Real estate commissions are paid by the seller. In the case of new construction, builders build the commission right into the transaction. Buying right from the builder’s sales person does not result in any savings. Having a Realtor® assist you with negotiating does!

The best time to call a Realtor® is at the very beginning of the process. Take advantage of their local knowledge and education. They can begin to educate you on communities, pricing, builder incentives, and the area that will be you future home. When you arrive in town, you should allow your Realtor® to take you to the community and register you with the builder. That will allow them to assist you throughout the process.

Some of the services a Realtor® can provide you are community selection, negotiating, financing, monitoring of construction, home inspections, insurance, walk through inspection and a smooth closing process.  Most people only buy a home a few times in their life. Buying a new construction home without the services of a Realtor® is like performing your own surgery.

Gulf Shores Realty is your local new construction expert.  Call us at 941-488-6644 to begin a no pressure conversation about all the opportunities available to you. Visit our website for a few of the many wonderful communities to choose from.

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